Live Course EA Exam

Live Online EA Exam Course – Part 1

Live Headset
  • Live classes meet Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays with TaxMama® &/or her instructors.
  • Students download secure online conferencing software to their computers which enables them to meet online, speak directly to instructors, meet in chat rooms and message instructors and other students directly
  • Lots of personal attention.
  • Each exam Part includes 40-58 hours of live classes.
  • All classes are recorded – so you get 40-58 hours of audio recordings and replays of at least 14-23 lectures per exam. There is a sample recording from one of the classes one the right.
  • Access to all lecture notes, including forms and explanations.
  • Access to the discussion forums, including your own blog, to track your notes and exchange information with other students.
  • Check out all the great Study Materials that are provided with this course

The EA Exam and therefore this EA Exam course is broken down into three parts (and 2016 dates):

  • Part 1 – Individual Taxation – May 7 – June 18
  • Part 2 – Business Taxation – June 7 – August 20
  • Part 3 – Representation, Practice & Procedures – August 30 – October 22

(Yes some Part 1 classes are include in Part 2 – that’s why the dates overlap)

Click on the button below for more details including 2016 course dates on each part of the exam.

Part 1 - Individual TaxationPart 2 - Business TaxationPart 3 - Representation, Practice and Procedures

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Part 1 Individual Taxation

Part 1 - Course Dates
Part 1 - What You Will Learn
Part 1 - Materials
Part 1 - Course Outline

2016 Dates and Live Course Schedule

TaxMama’s® Live Course classes take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm (PACIFIC) and on Saturday mornings between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm (PACIFIC) unless stated otherwise.
(You’re not in the Pacific time zone? Look up your time here.)

Part 1 – May 7 – June 18
Part 2 – June 7 – August 20
Part 3 –  August 30 – October 22
(Yes some Part 1 classes are include in Part 2 – that’s why the dates overlap)

Part 1 – Individual Taxation

Orientation is on Saturday May 7 2016 at 8:00 am to 10:00 am (PACIFIC)

Part 1 Classes start Thursday May 12 and run through June 18

Note: If enough new people sign up for the Live Course mid-year, we will repeat the Part I course in the Fall

Dates are subject to change

If dates are not compatible with your schedule, check out TaxMama’s® Self Study Course – it contains all the notes and audio recordings of the live classes but allows you to learn in your own time.

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What You Will Learn

The course will include TaxMama’s® special twists, teaching you more than tax law – you’ll learn:

  • how to draw clients out and get information from them
  • how to protect your practice from client conflicts and lawsuits
  • how to maintain an ethical practice, in the face of client ‘persuasion’ to assist them in little falsehoods
  • how to find loopholes to help cut taxes legally
  • how to find the information you need to address a client’s issues
  • how to prepare an individual tax return – from inception to filing
  • Personal attention from TaxMama to guide you
  • Study Buddies to work with

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  • Gleim’s EA Part 1 book and test prep software
  • Fast Forward Academy EA Exam testing software
  • Access to study buddies and study buddy teams
  • Access to free conference systems to study with buddies
  • The Tax Book WebLibrary (included in Live class only, with all three parts ordered)
  • TaxMama’s® book Deduct Everything! (For Part 1)
  • TaxMama’s® book Small Business Taxes Made Easy (for Part 2)
  • Special tools and cheat sheets available nowhere else

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Course Outline

Orientation – Familiarity with Materials Homework assignments and Study Buddy arrangements
Lecture 1 – The big Picture – Overview of the U.S. tax return
Lecture 2 – First piece – Exemptions & Filing Requirements & Names
Lecture 3 – Favorite piece – Income – Interest, Dividends, Social Security Income, Retirement Income
Lecture 4 – Juicy piece – Overview of Adjustments to Income
Lecture 5 – Misunderstood piece- Itemized Deductions and Employee Business Expenses
Lecture 6(a)-(c) – Puzzling Piece – Tax Return Samples
Lecture 7 – Special piece – Credits, Additional Taxes
Lecture 8 – Giving piece – Estate and Gift Taxes
Lecture 9 – Missing piece – Understanding Basis
Lecture 10 – Political piece – Understanding Depreciation
Lecture 11 – Making your piece – Fundamentals of Capital Gains & Losses
Lecture 12 – Extra piece – More Sales and Exchanges

You will get data from sample clients to input into your free software – or your own software. You will get profiles of three different clients, with different levels of complexity. All of them will address the Making the Work Pay issue.

  • Simple – senior with dividends, interest , pension and Social Security
  • Involved – Couple with children, 1 job and 1 student, owning a home, with child care, green issues
  • Complex – Similar couple, with stock sales, employee business expenses and more

Note: We will not be covering clients with businesses or rentals.

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2016 Course Information
Part 1: May 7 – June 18
Part 2: June 7 – August 20
Part 3: August 30 - October 22
Everything You Need to Know

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Download the course orientation

These are some of the audio and visual replay tools that you will use if you miss a class

CPE for Enrolled Agents and Certified Public Accountants

(CPE = continuing professional education)

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