Self Study EA Exam Course

Self Study EA Exam Course

Self Study Mouse
  • Includes two monthly live classes with TaxMama® &/or her instructors.
  • Includes all THREE Solving the Tax Puzzle Courses
  • Includes replays, recordings and quizzes of all three exams worth of TaxMama’s® Final EA Exam Reviews
  • 12+ hours of FINAL REVIEW recordings per exam
  • That’s 12+ hours of pure quizzing and exam-taking techniques per exam
  • At least 20 – 40 hours of MP3 audio recordings of 9-19 lectures per exam.
  • Lecture notes you can print out and make notes on while listening
  • Links to forms and other tools to use with the class.
  • Access to the (EA) Exam discussion forums
  • Your own blog where you can track your notes and exchange information with other students.
  • Check out all the great Study Materials that are provided with this course

The EA Exam and therefore this EA Exam course is broken down into three parts:

  • Part 1 – Individual Taxation
  • Part 2 – Business Taxation
  • Part 3 – Representation, Practice & Procedures

Click on the button below for more details including 2015 course dates on each part of the exam.

Part 1 - Individual TaxationPart 2 - Business TaxationPart 3 - Representation, Practice and Procedures

Part 1 Individual Taxation

Part 1 - Course Schedule
Part 1 - What You Will Learn
Part 1 - Materials
Part 1 - Course Outline

2015 Self Study Course Schedule

TaxMama’s® Self Study course is the most convenient way for you to pass the IRS Enrolled Agent (EA) Exam. Study at your own pace, on your schedule and access all AUDIO and VISUAL materials online from your office, your home, the beach or the International space station – anywhere your laptop, mp3 player, iPhone or Blackberry will take you. it contains all the notes and audio recordings of the live classes but allows you to learn in your own time.

Note: The 2015 material for the Self-Study course is created as we teach and record the live course. Live course dates are as follows:

Part 1 May 2 – June 13
Part 2 May 28 – August 22
Part 3 September 8 – October 10

Dates are subject to change

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What You Will Learn

The course will include TaxMama’s® special twists, teaching you more than tax law – you’ll learn:

  • how to draw clients out and get information from them
  • how to protect your practice from client conflicts and lawsuits
  • how to maintain an ethical practice, in the face of client ‘persuasion’ to assist them in little falsehoods
  • how to find loopholes to help cut taxes legally
  • how to find the information you need to address a client’s issues
  • how to prepare an individual tax return – from inception to filing
  • Personal attention from TaxMama to guide you
  • Study Buddies to work with

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All Materials will be shipped within 3 business days, starting in May 2015

  • Free tax preparation software including free electronic filing to use for practice returns or real returns
  • TaxMama’s® Ebook, The 100% Home-Based Business Tax Solution
  • The Gleim EA Exam Review books for this exam – covering several years of tax Exam questions and answers.
  • The Gleim EA Exam Review questions and answers DISC for this exam.
  • Fastax software covering 4 years of EA exam questions and answers.
  • 24/7 Study hall with links to key part 1 materials
  • Access to study buddies and study buddy teams

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS You just might find yourself getting client referrals from TaxMama®. Eva gets requests from taxpayers for tax preparation, consultation, or representation assistance. Eva is not accepting new clients, except in rare instances. So…she is referring them to tax professionals she knows and trusts. If you demonstrate exceptional expertise and creativity (within the tax code) in any area, and you have a positive, pleasant attitude, good ethics, and you have skills in the right State a client needs – you just might find yourself getting a call or an e-mail from TaxMama®, referring a paying client. (Now, who else offers this kind of service?)

Note: The 2015 material for the Self-Study course is created as we teach and record the live course.

Note: If you register late (after a class has started) or need materials shipped sooner than 20 days, you will need to pay FedEx or UPS 2nd day rates of $45.00. Don’t even ask about overnight rates! Those are closer to $80 due to the weight of the books. Also, if you register AFTER the class has started we may be out of books and disks, and you may have to wait up to two weeks for our special orders to arrive.

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Course Outline

Orientation – Familiarity with Materials Homework assignments and Study Buddy arrangements
Lecture 1 – The big Picture – Overview of the U.S. tax return
Lecture 2 – First piece – Exemptions & Filing Requirements & Names
Lecture 3 – Favorite piece – Income – Interest, Dividends, Social Security Income, Retirement Income
Lecture 4 – Juicy piece – Overview of Adjustments to Income
Lecture 5 – Misunderstood piece- Itemized Deductions and Employee Business Expenses
Lecture 6 – Special piece – Credits, Additional Taxes
Lecture 7 – Missing piece – Understanding Basis
Lecture 8 – Political piece – Understanding Depreciation
Lecture 9 – Making your piece – Fundamentals of Capital Gains & Losses

You will get data from sample clients to input into your TaxSlayer software.
You will get profiles of three different clients, with different levels of complexity.
All of them will address the rebate issue.

  • Simple – senior with dividends, interest , pension and Social Security
  • Involved – Couple with children, 1 job and 1 student, owning a home, with child care, green issues
  • Complex – Similar couple, with stock sales, employee business expenses and more

Note: We will not be covering clients with businesses or rentals.

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Self Study Course Information
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Everything You Need to Know

Listen to Eva explain:

Watch the replay of the session:

Link to the replay of Everything you wanted to know about the EA Exam

Download the course orientation

These are some of the audio and visual replay tools that you will use if you miss a class