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Happy Post Tax Season
TaxMama will be out of the office until November 6th.
I won't have a computer, and won't be able to answer any questions. Hugs, Eva
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Welcome to the 2019 EA Exam Review class (the review part) - and Solving the Tax Puzzle (the learning part)
The calendar for 2019 has been uploaded!  Please PRINT IT OUT and/or integrate it into your calendaring system - NOW! There's no reason to ask me when the next class will be - it's on your calendar.
Everything You Wanted to Know About the EA Exam - the schedule for the March and April 2019 sessions about the new exam is posted 

ORIENTATION - is May 4th. If you do not attend the live Orientation - all students MUST replay it before you ask how the class works. It will clear up 90% or more of your questions. if you still have questions, please send them to irsexam@gmail.com   (note: You can ALWAYS reach Eva using that email address.) or to Susan 2019TaxMama@gmail.com   - For technical assistance - all the contacts are right here.
LOG-INS - In case you have lost track of all the links we use in this course - You'll find a summary here and it's also in the Dropbox.
SPECIAL: We have some special classes, like Barter, and RozStrategies and more uploaded into the Board. Please scroll down in the Handy Links column to find links to those classes.
Course Replays and Recordings - Everything from last year is recorded and available for you to replay or download as MP3 files. Simply click on the class session of your choice. Recordings of the 2016 exam are added within 24 hours or less after each class.
Buddy Meet Ups - Folks want to get together at education conferences, conventions, or locally. Here's where you can post your notes so you can find each other.
Find Members -  We have just added a Members link to the menu. The names are sorted by date of registration. 
CPE certificates will be available for attendees of the Live Sessions here - after the live sessions are taught.

Simply follow the instructions and fax or email your signed certificate to our office.
  (NOTE: Keep track of your own attendance!) (Current year paid students get CPE at no charge, as appropriate to your designations - ASFP, CPA, EA). Prior year students pay $10 per CPE hour)  use this link -   1 hours of CPE = $10
Family Members who have paid for the current year also get CPE at no additional charge.
CLIENT QUESTIONS: If you have client questions, I am happy to try to help you when I have a moment - without even charging you. Please post them here in the Board by clicking on  CLIENT QUESTIONS in the Handy Links column to the left.   NOTE: I have repeatedly asked you, nicely, DO NOT email your client questions to me. 
For the last time, please stop - you will not get answers. Just as you must be firm with your clients, I must be firm with you. Thank you for your consideration.
Renewals and Upgrades - are now over for this season. You can order materials directly from providers  Instructions will be posted by March 31st.