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    I am a returning user, however, this will be the first time I will track and request CPE credits for my credentials with two states, namely, New York (my current home state) and Florida (my former home/seasonal tax practice state).   I have some questions regarding the process for obtaining CPE credits:

    1. For each part, I noticed that the number of hours for each session including lectures are listed in the tracker excel spreadsheet; I noticed the Lecture titles but no codes or number per lecture.  I also noticed that there is a "Direct Links to all classes" section whereby, there are specific hour class [credits ?] listed for some but not all the lectures.  Lastly, on the CPE for Current Year - Tax Mama EA courses lists the following:

    Questions: For purposes of determining which certificate to prepare and the number of credits per certificate: (a) How do I determine the number of credits per classes listed on the tracker sheets? (b) Are the credits based on 50 minutes of live lecture per class?  [for example; say in part 1, I want CPE credits for the following lectures] note all hourly ranges are listed on the tracker : 

    • Lecture - Estate and Gift - the tracker listed # of lecture times in PT 4 to 6 pm 
    • Lecture - Basis - the tracker listed # of lecture times in PT 4 to 6 pm 
    • Lecture - Depreciation - the tracker listed # of lecture times in PT 4 to 6 pm 
    • Lecture - Capital Gains and Losses - the tracker listed # of lecture times in PT 8 to 10 am 
    • Lecture - Sales and Exchanges - the tracker listed # of lecture times in PT 10 to Noon *
    • Lecture - International Taxation - the tracker listed # of lecture times in PT 4 to 7 pm *

    * The "Direct Links to all classes" listed 2.5 hour classes for each of these two Lectures.

    Question- Other than the last two lectures which indicate 2.5 hour classes; (c) How do I determine the credit hours per lecture to list on the request for CPE certification, for the other lectures I am interested in requesting?  Note: the actual hours for the Sales and Exchanges are 2 hours and for the International Taxation 3 hours.  Therefore, the latter is reasonable for the 2.5 credit hours if calculated on the basis of 50 minute increments.

    2. Where do I find the IRS designated course numbers for all courses including the Ethics courses?

    3. On the CE/CPE Information section the instructions indicates the following for:

    (a) Part 1 - maximum 30. Is that 30 actual hours (for example as listed on the tracker sheets) or CPE credit hours as I am attempting to ascertain under question 1? 

    (b) Part 2 - no mention of the maximum or minimum credits to report on the certificate.  Is there a related max or minimum number?

    (c) Part 3 -  indicates that there are two separate attachments with one of them limited to up-to 18 hours of regular federal tax credits.  What is the total number of allowable credits to claim for all of part 3?

    4. Are the sections explained in CE/CPE Information that states the following wording: "Come back next year for Part # CPE - or sign up for the self-study classes.   What is the process for signing up for self-study classes (just want to know in case I miss a live class this year)?


    I can be reached at 1-917-588-1785 text or talk and/or by email at either htcruz13@live.com or htcproserve@gmail.com, if you have any questions for me.  

    Thanking you in advance, Hilda Antonia Cruz (I go by Toni Cruz)



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